Our Story


“let nature be your teacher”


Tiny Timber started off as all projects do-an idea. As a child who grew up in a small mountain town, playing outside was a regular part of day to day life. It wasn’t until I grew older and especially when I became a mother, that I truly realized the importance of providing our children with ample opportunities to foster a positive relationship with nature. 

Appreciating the outdoors in Canada means celebrating each season and embracing the cold. Tiny Timber toques were created with our curious explorers in mind. Having fun in nature's playground means making sure our heads stay warm and cozy!

Tiny Timber believes that nature can be one of our greatest teachers especially when it comes to taking care of our mental health. Scientific studies have shown that spending time outside can lower our blood pressure, slow down our heart and respiration rates, elevate our mood and lower stress levels. As a registered nurse who has been working in the area of child and adolescent mental health for almost 10 years, I have seen a decline in the amount of interest and time our children spend in nature. I believe this has been a contributing factor in the increase in mental health struggles we are seeing in our youth particularly as they enter adolescence. By teaching our children the healing powers of nature, our hope is that they will respect and cultivate a lifelong friendship with the earth. 

Tiny Timber believes and stands by 5 core values:

  1. Love
  2. Health
  3. Community
  4. Environment 
  5. Commitment 

We will continuously strive to uphold these values in all aspects of our business. Tiny Timber toques are designed and proudly manufactured in Calgary, Alberta. This project could not have come into fruition without the incredible skills and talent by some of our local businesses. We are truly grateful for their guidance and support in making Tiny Timber a reality.


Thank you for your support and see you outside!