1. How do I care for my toque?

We recommend hand washing in cold water and laying flat to dry. 


2. Where does the name Tiny Timber come from?

We really wanted to highlight the therapeutic benefits of connecting with nature, particularly amongst our little explorers. Trees are the largest plants on earth and are truly magnificent! They give us oxygen, store carbon and give life to an abundance of wildlife. The roots of trees not only absorb, but store water and nutrients for future needs, and serve as a strong and dependable base. Trees also provide us with materials to build shelter, such as timber. We felt the name Tiny Timber suited not only our product collection but our admiration for trees and all things nature. We believe in the importance of supporting our children in building a strong, healthy and resilient foundation (root system) as they grow and navigate the big world.  


3. Where is Tiny Timber located?

We are located in Calgary, Alberta