Young Readers Program

Young Readers Program

Tiny Timber has teamed up with WilderFutures to sponsor their Young Readers Program for the month of November.

Schools, child care centres and non profit organizations who are in financial need are provided with literature that has been purposefully selected based on the season’s themes. These topics are then brought to life through interactive live readings with the intention of bringing children and families together to encourage authentic discussions around these important subjects.

This month the focus is on mental health, empathy and kindness- themes that strongly align with our vision and values.

Tiny Timber believes in the importance of mental health awareness and the many therapeutic benefits associated with fostering a relationship with the outdoors. By teaching our children the healing powers of nature our hope is that they will cultivate a sense of empathy and kindness not only with the earth, but with themselves, and those around them.

We are more than excited to support the Young Readers Program this month. Join us on Saturday, November 26th at the Central Public Library for this month’s live reading. This event will take place from 10-11am and is free of charge. To reserve your spot you can register at:


For more information on WilderFutures please visit their website at