Monster Market 2022

Monster Market 2022

Tiny Timber had the wonderful privilege of being one of over 55 vendors who took part in the Monster Market on October 29!  This market was part of the annual Monster March fundraiser in support of the Children's Cottage Society and was hosted by Wilder Futures. 

Monster Market really stood out for us in that the positivity and warm vibes were palpable. The atmosphere was light and bright and everyone who visited our booth greeted us with big smiles. There were so many festive families who dressed up for the occasion, however the highlight was definitely seeing all of the excited children buzzing about in their adorable Halloween costumes.

WilderFutures is a Calgary based non profit organization aimed at "addressing intersecting social issues through the power of education and connection."  Tiny Timber will be teaming up with this organization again during the month of November to support their Young Readers Program. The chosen books for this month will focus on the themes of mental health, empathy and kindness. Tiny Timber believes in the importance of mental health awareness and the many therapeutic benefits associated with fostering a relationship with the outdoors. By teaching our children the healing powers of nature, our hope is that they will respect and cultivate a lifelong friendship with the earth. 

We would like to extend a big thank you to WilderFutures for inviting us to be a part of Monster Market this year. We admire your vision and can't wait to support your future endeavours. 

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Here are some photos from Monster Market 2022!